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Barzan Digital Proudly Sponsors's Qatar National Day Photography Group Competition.

We all know that Qatar National Day isn't just a holiday - it's a day where residents and expatriates of Qatar come together to celebrate this beautiful state's independence. We believe that it's worthy to do what we can to involve as many people as possible to come together and show their nationalistic pride; which is exactly why we chose to sponsor this photography competition in particular: it's simple and anyone in Qatar can take part. 

The rules for this event are listed on a thread here.

In terms of the prize, we have an awesome Eers PCS-250 valued at 1,200 QAR for the winner. This is a new product that was just introduced in Qatar. To answer all your questions: Yes, they are awesome in terms of audio quality. Yes, they are comfortable (you won't even know they're on you). Yes, the earphones do have an in-line microphone. No, they will never fall out. Above all, these are custom-fit earphones that are unique to you! What's better: they are designed so that you can take the box home and fit it for yourself - it only takes 10 minutes and you do not need us at all (although, we'll be happy to install them for you if you need assurance).

We want to wish all participants the best of luck, and more importantly, to have fun! You'll probably see some of the Barzan Digital staff at the Cornice as well!

Yousef Abu-Ghaidah, Business Development Manager for Barzan Digital, holding a box of Eers that we are giving away as 1st Prize to the winner of the QLPG Qatar National Day Photo Competition worth QR 1,200.