Barzan Digital are the sole importers for three major brands of American speakers to Qatar. NuVo, Stealth Acoustics and Definitive Technologies. Perfect for Multi-Room audio we have ceiling, in wall, weather sealed garden, invisible, bookshelf, floor standing and low profile speakers for use throughout your home or business.

We only stock the very best so that you can be assured your sound system will deliver a rich HiFi quality in every environment. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to speakers.

Ceiling speakers
We have three sizes to choose from; 8 inch, 6.5 inch and 4.5 inch. There is always a battle between a Sound Engineer and an Interior Designer as to which size is the best to use. The Interior Designer nearly always objects to large speakers in his ceiling. Whenever we can we would use 8 inch. This is not about how loud your music will sound, it’s about how rich it will sound. The bigger the speaker the more of the sound spectrum you can hear. Using 8” speakers you get a fuller sound with better low frequency handling giving the best bass response. Paining the speaker grills to match the colour of a ceiling helps dramatically reduce the visibility of speakers, and unless you stare hard in most cases you are not even aware they are there.

Sometime the Interior Designer wins and we are forced to use smaller speakers. 6.5 inch are a compromise but still sound great while being just a little smaller. We recommend you come and listen to these two sizes in our showroom and you decide which is the best for you.

In some installations the Interior Designer is very strict about what can go in his ceiling, and in these situations we recommend the awesome 4.5 inch speaker from Definitive Technology. This is as small as you can go without completely ruining the sound of your expensive audio system. The DI 4.5R from Definitive Technology delivers almost the same sound quality as a normal 6.5” speaker but is smaller than an average spot light. The grill is flat instead of curved and is easy to paint the same colour as the ceiling.

Invisible Speakers
New to Qatar is the amazing range from Stealth Acoustics. These speakers are completely invisible when fitted. They are best fitted into walls but can also be installed in ceilings as well. They look just like a sheet of gypsum from the front and once in position you can thinly plaster over them, paint them or paper over them. They become completely invisible, the only way you know they are there is when you hear them and even then you cannot be sure where the sound is coming from. They are not cheap, they are a little more difficult to fit, but Interior Designers love them because they do not impact on their design in any way.

Wall Speakers
Sometime it is more suitable to install speakers into the walls instead of ceilings. This can be when a ceiling is especially high or when used for home cinema/theatre systems. Whilst ceiling speaks deliver a rich stereo sound when used in pairs, it is not so easy to detect where the true left and right sound is coming from. For installations where you need to specifically hear left, right and in some cases centre audio content, it is advised to fit wall speakers. This would be in a room where the TV or projector screen is the key feature. The speakers can either be wall mounted or recessed, they can be visible or use the Stealth Acoustics for invisible, and they can be in a range of shapes and sizes.

Bookshelf / Floor Standing Speakers
If you do not wish to install speakers into the wall or ceiling, they will need to be either floor standing or bookshelf speakers. These are similar to speakers that come with domestic HiFi systems, but these are integrated with your Multi-Room music system. Perfect for installations where you may wish to move the location of the speakers, or even pack them up and take them home with you if you are an expatriate in Qatar.

Garden/Outdoor Speakers
Weather sealed for protection against the elements these speakers are great around a pool, installed on a patio or even used on boats. They are Qatar proof and can withstand the heat, humidity and rain found here in Qatar. They sound amazing and deliver the same audio quality found in our indoor speakers. These are not your average PA sound system speakers. You can choose conventional wall speakers or if you prefer your speakers to be heard and not seen, we have speakers that look like rocks and can easily be hidden in flower gardens, bushes or large flower pots. Your guests will have trouble finding where the sound is coming from.